Performative installation for eleven audio and three video channels. With voices, field recordings and videos from the eastern Ukrainian region of Luhansk, and the live performance of Berlin amateur singers.

World-Premiere 01.10.2021 Sankt-Elisabeth Kirche Berlin (Mitte)

The projects starting point is the voice. What does it tell beyond words? How is it shaped by the living world and how does it in turn shape the Umwelt? How is, what is inscribed into the voice audible through each singer? And how, for example, are traumas inscribed in the voice transmitted over distance and across generations? After a three years researchprozcess in spring 2021, artist Matthias Schönijahn and his team met with local singers that live close the conflict zone in the Luhansk region.

© Stefanie Kulisch

Based on interviews and listening sessions with the Luhansk voices, corresponding images were created together. These images, voices and sounds form the basis for Martyna Poznańska’s eleven channel audio composition.

Starting in February 2021 a choir of Berlin women was formed especially for this project. Some of the singers had never sung before or had any stage experience.

© Stefanie Kulisch

Following the idea that everyone can find their voice, the women were guided by Paulina Miu Kühling to explore their singing voices using open vocal techniques that are used as-well by the Luhansk singers.

The installation space is formed by three video screens that divide the space into three interconnected areas. Blocks of concrete form obstacles and seatings. As a link between the space and the audio-visual composition, the amateur singers from Berlin relate with their voices to the voices and sounds from Ukraine.

© Stefanie Kulisch

With singers and dancers from the Luhansk villages Bilolutzk Lyudmyla Shulyak, Petro Chepelukha, Valentyna Derkach, Lyudmyla Horshkova, Oksana Hutnyeva, Lyudmyla Ilarionova, Tetyana Kandyba, Yuriy Kuznetsov, Yuriy Maksymenko, Anna Nevidoma, Nataliya Shepilova, Oleh Volkov, Tetyana Zaytseva // Osinove Ol’ha Bushlya, Lyubov Molochkova, Mariya Sahradova, Zinayida Skovorodka, Kateryna Tkachenko // Horodyschtsche Tetyana Hrabchuk, Lyubov Kornienko, Rayisa Shuhaylo, Svitlana Konovalova

With Berlin amateur singers: Ewa Brokos, Agnieszka Bułacik, Claudia Eckstein, Mina Djordjević, Katharina Fischer, Anna Jaśniak, Julia Legezynska, Joana Katarzyna Pietras

© Stefanie Kulisch
© Stefanie Kulisch

Artistic direction, camera, stage direction Matthias Schönijahn // choir direction, composition choir Paulina Miu Kühling // composition, sound design Martyna Poznańska // dramaturgy, choreographic collaboration Rose Beermann // co-conception composition, field/choir – recordings – Johannes van Bebber // dramaturgy video Ljupcho Temelkovski // light design Maika Knoblich // costumes Ewa Brokos // video editing Johannes Plank // scientific consulting Vlada Rusina // production management Birgit Voigt // production management Ukraine Valera Zherih // graphic design, artistic assistance, translation Tereza Yakovyna // press Sarah Rosenau

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© Stefanie Kulisch
Review by Ferial Karrasch
Funded by Cultural Capital Fund
In collaboration with Kulturbüro Elisabeth
Media Partner Digital in Berlin