by K.A.U.&Wdowik

From 2016 to 2018, the directing team K.A.U. & Wdowik developed the film opera FIASKO at the Staatstheater Darmstadt. As a first step towards the staging work on the world premiere of the opera, they presented five FIASKO – opera evenings, which connect to the repertoire operas of the season and the working hypotheses of FIASKO. In total, two staged concerts Così fan Tutte and Jenufa, a choral installation to Faust and two pieces to Tosca and Tannhäuser were created in this framework.


Actress Jana Zöll // Flute Iris Rath // Oboe Luis Blanco Ferrer-Vidal // Clarinet Felix Welz // Bassoon Matthias Müller // Horn Martin Walz

In OPERNABEND 1/5 – Così fan tutte, K.A.U. & Wdowik present a staged concert in the orchestra rehearsal room. The visitors take their seats in the orchestra and follow the conductor’s instructions. Around the audience the musicians play the composition „Space, where I used to be“ by Wojtek Blecharz.

© Nils Heck


Actors Katharina Hintzen, Simon Mazouri, Hubert Schlemmer //Choir Cantosumm Darmstadt, Collegium Musicum Vocale Darmstadt, ESOC – Chorus of the European Space Operations Centre

The second FIASKO-OPERA EVENING invites the audience to enter a space between two worlds. As a prelude to Gounod’s and Goethe’s FAUST, K.A.U.&Wdowik stage the voices of three choirs facing each other in the twilight of a winter night. With a composition by Wojtek Blecharz.

© Nils Heck


Actors Maria Radomski, Mathias Znidarec // Vocals Elisabeth Hornung // Piano Jason Tran

In FIASKO-OPERA EVENING 3/5 – TOSCA an actress an actor and an opera singer from the ensemble reenact their most impressive death scenes. What relation to the catastrophe arises when it is repeated on stage? Can one learn to die in the theater?

© Nils Heck


Speaker Rev. Dr. Christoph Klock // Repetition Irina Skhirtladze

The FIASKO opera evening 4/5 presents a video installation and a scenic concert for the extraordinary acoustics of the domed church of St. Ludwig in Darmstadt. With a composition made especially for this space, Wojtek Blecharz will refer to Janáček’s strategy in developing his opera Jenůfa, which brought rural musical traditions into opera.

© Nils Heck


With Johannes Harneit // Members of the opera choir of the Staatstheater Darmstadt.

„I still owe the world Tannhäuser“ – so Richard Wagner supposedly said shortly before his death. In FIASKO-OPERA EVENING 5/5 on TANNHÄUSER, conductor and composer Johannes Harneit will give a musical lecture exploring the roots and utopian potential of this statement.

© Nils Heck

funded by German Federal Cultural Foundation // in collaboration with Das Theater