by K.A.U.&Wdowik / Blecharz

With compositions by Wojtek Blecharz (premiere), Hans-Joachim Hespos (premiere), Giuseppe Verdi, Richard Wagner, Wolfgang-Amadeus Mozart and others.

„With what catastrophe would the European utopia end, were it an opera?“

Along new and old borders, from Darmstadt across the Bay of Gdansk to Kaliningrad, the group K.A.U.&Wdowik embarks on a cinematic journey to the easternmost border of Europe. Their encounters with people, music and stories are linked in impressive images to a libretto, on the basis of which a multi-perspective film opera is created together with the composer Wojtek Blecharz and the musical director Johannes Harneit.

© Killa Schütze

At the beginning of the opera there is a crisis: if the opera lives from the vocal embodiment of the innermost emotional worlds, it is the loss of her voice that makes a young woman embark on a journey into the unknown. Her destination is the end of Europe in order to find either a new beginning or death. In the borderland between local musical traditions, fragments from the European opera repertoire and new compositions, Fiasco opens up unknown musical and visual spaces. As the result of a unique trans-European collaboration, this opera is both a swan song to the European work and its rebirth.

© Killa Schütze

With the Opera Chorus of the Staatstheater Darmstadt and the State Orchestra of the Staatstheater Darmstadt

With local traditional clubs from Germany and Poland

Actress Magdalena Koleśnik

© Killa Schütze
© Killa Schütze

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