dark, dark, dark looms the canopy of clouds – ongoing artistic research

During the process, various ways in which real-time weather data could be translated into stage machinery were explored. In this developed weather space, a dancer was confronted with body perception practices to perceive the weather, translate it into movement and language. For their part, brass musicians translated the collected data into microtonal sounds. The research process is still ongoing.

Idea, artistic Direction: Matthias Schönijahn / Musical Direction: Wojtek Blecharz / Dramaturgy: Lisa Schettel / Choreography: Lina Gomez / Artistic Colaboration, Sounddirection: Constantin von Thun / Stagedesign: Nicolas Navara Rueda / Vocalcomposition: Paulina Miu Kühling / Dance: Marianna Romagnani / Tuba: Janni Struzyk / Posaune: Weston Olencki / Licht: Hendrik Borowski / Interface Weatherdata: Felix Krämer / Video: Phil Max Schöll / Produktionmanagement: Jasna Witkoski

Funded by Fonds Darstellender Künste | #TakeHeart – Prozessförderung