Treehumana – Concert Installation

Premiere date 07.10.2022
Further Shows 08.10.2022 / 09.10.2022
Kraftwerk – Oberspree / Halle 70
(former TransformArt - next to Spreehalle)

Reinbeckstraße (view map)
12459 Berlin-Oberschöneweide

At a time of unprecedented man-made world destruction with the consequences of the sixth planetary mass extinction and progressive global warming, Treehumana – Concert Installation takes up the tradition of forest songs from the Polish Kurpie region. In Kurpie People were settled in the 14th century to enable the Duke of Mazovia to hunt in the more than 10,000-year-old primeval forest. Initial attempts at agriculture failed due to the poor soil, so people were forced to live with and from the forest. The forest songs also work with the forest and integrate its reverberation and sound effects into the songs. Due to industrialization, war and electrification, the primeval forest and the forest songs have almost disappeared today.

Treehumana – Concert Installation is a listening journey that explores the acoustic interweaving of humans with resonating ecologies. In a former coal power plant – which refers to the pollution and exploitation of the fossil fuel age – the field recordings reverberate from the remains of the old Kurpie primeval forest. The Berlin based Polish vocal ensemble Otucha-Collective develops its own compositions from the vocal practices of Kurpian forest songs in resonance with the sounds of three tree-like high-tech Paetzold recorders (Fröhlich, Daub, Gehrer, composition Blecharz) and the reverberations and sound effects of the post-industrial space. Based on methods of „deep listening“, Treehumana explores modes of more-than-human acoustic entanglements through perception and its resulting sound expressions. Visitors are invited to follow the exercises and give space to the spontaneous consonance and expressions of their voices.

Paetzold Recorder and Flutes Susanne Fröhlich (direction), Carolin Daub, Marita Gehrer // Singers from Otucha-Collective Agnieszka Bułacik, Ewa Brokos, Paulina Miu Kühling, Ola Zielińska // Welcoming Words and Listening Exercise Agnieszka Bułacik // „Dolina, Dolina“ Forest-Song performed by Antonina Deptuła

Artistic Direction, Concept, Fieldrecordings Composition, Spatial Design Matthias Schönijahn // Composition, Concept   Wojtek Blecharz // Vocal Composition, Vocal Direction Paulina Miu Kühling and Otucha Collective // Dramaturgy Jan-Tage Kühling // Costumes Nicolas Navarro Rueda // Technical Direction, Sound and Light-Design Constantin von Thun // Production Management Péter Sanyo // Public Relations Mina Dordjevic // Musicethnological consultance Olga Stopińska // Translation Ewa Brokos

Funded by Musikfonds e.V. (Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media), Initiative neue Musik e.V., Bezirksamt Treptow-Köpenick Fachbereich Kultur und Museen